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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Battle of the Supermen: Cam and RGIII

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton celebrates touchdowns by peeling back an imaginary shirt and revealing a "S" on his chest. This move cause fans to cheer --when the Cats are winning--and it makes Newton a target. Remember the Hello Kitty cartoon from the Charlotte Observer?
As the season came to an end for the Panthers, Newton was rather Super.
He made history. He's the first player in NFL history to throw for over 250 yards, rush for 100, toss a touchdown pass and rush for one.  EVER. And, Newton beat the Washington Redskins in week nine.

That was the same week that Robert Griffin III was interviewed by the NFL Network and said, he didn't want to be compared to Newton -- although at the time, the two had a lot in common.RGII was breaking records, ironically set by Newton in his rookie season. But in the head to head match up, Newton was the only one to toss for a touchdown.

But RGIII, as a rookie, did what Cam couldn't do. He led his team to the playoffs. That's pretty super for a rookie -- especially one playing for the Washington Redskins who haven't been to the playoffs since 2007. They lost to the same team they face this week, The Seattle Seahawks.
After the loss to the Panthers, Washington went on a tear --beating the Super Bowl champs, New York Giants, The Dallas Cowboys and the Baltimore Ravens --winning seven games in a row. RGIII was named a team captain and showed leadership that many say Newton, who is often criticized for sitting on the bench with a towel over his head or sulking in post game press conferences, doesn't have. That's pretty super, right?

Here's the issue with RGIII's pose, if you want to be compared to Rogers, do the discount double check motion. This picture of RGIII being "Superman" is setting up a rivalry. At this point, RGIII is winning; but if Newton starts next season the way he ended this one, this will be a fight for the ages.

Someone is going to end up being Bizzaro, though.

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