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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Waiting For The Other Shoe to Drop --Part 15

             After dinner, I felt stone cold sober. Rich asked if I wanted to do something and I flashed him a questioning look. Something like what?
            Its a nice night, lets go to Lake Wheeler and take a walk, he suggested.
            Sounds good, but I need to change my shoes.
            You dont have a spare pair in your car? I know most women live like their trunk is a second closet.
            That shows how much you know, I retorted. I only have another pair of heels in my trunk. My walking shoes are underneath my bed.
            Rich laughed and it sounded like a melodic chord. OK, I was still a little tipsy. I will not sleep with him. I will not sleep with him.
            Are you good to drive? he asked as I took a shaky step.
            Probably not. Drinking and driving is never a good choice and I cant believe you let me do that. Reaching out, I pinched his forearm and smiled at him.
            He grabbed my hand and drew me into his arms. Im not going to lie; watching you give up control was fun to see.
            He nodded and brushed his lips against my forehead. Soft. Erotic. Stop it! I pulled back from him, tilting my head to the side as I looked into his eyes. Damn it, tequila made me horny and I was about to succumb to the feeling. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I pulled Richs lips to mine. Hot. Wet. And the kiss was amazing too. He pulled me closer, his erection pressed against my thighs and I yearned to have him inside. Needed him. Damn Patron.
            He broke the kiss and I was thankful because I was about to enter the third level of whoredom. I guess were going to blame that on the alcohol, Jamie?
            That wasnt funny, I said, even though I did laugh.
            He tapped my bottom and smiled. Im not even going to allow you to take me there. Youll wake up in the morning and start scowling about how I took advantage of you in your drunken state. Lets walk it off. Ill drive you home.
            And what happens to my car?
            We can come get it later. There are two things Im not going to let you do drunk tonight. Driving is only one of them.
            Winking at him as we crossed over to his car. You might be all right, Rich.

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