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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Here's an idea, talk to your lying cheating friends

From Steve Harvey to Ray J, men have so much advice for women when it comes to love.
Please miss me with the boo-boo.

Why not tell the lying and cheating masses how to love a woman? Don't think you will sell to many books doing that? Why not tell men who lie to get the panties that the truth is the right way instead of telling women to 'think like a man?'

Why not tell a cheating man to stop cheating instead of explaining how and why men cheat? I'm so sick of men telling women what they are doing wrong without acknowledging their sins. And it's not just the celebrities -- from Facebook to Twitter some random guy has some pearl of wisdom for single women.

Do me a favor, STFU. This means you, Kevin Hart! What are you saying to your friend -- the male ones-- who are cheating and lying to their women? The ones with kids who talk so much junk about the woman who delivered the babies, what are you saying to him when he's talking that noise? If you aren't posting status updates about how he should respect her or tweeting rules on coparenting, don't tell me what I need to do to attract one of those.

Talk to your boys and leave me the hell alone.


Friday, January 25, 2013

So, you thought Django Unchained was just a movie?

I'm surprised by the backlash Spike Lee has received because of his opinion of Django Unchained. Luther Campbell, AKA Uncle Luke, Luke Skywalker, Mr. Me So Horny, called the legendary director an uncle Tom. *Blank stare and major side-eye.* 
Dick Gregory had harsh words as well.

But once again, I have to say Spike Lee was right to question this movie -- seen or not. Have you heard about the WHAT WOULD DJANGO DO? campaign? Not to be confused with WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?
In the wake of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., the nation is talking about gun control. It's a conversation that long over due. Maybe the government should've reinstated the ban on assault rifles after the Virginia Tech massacre?
You know gun zealots are desperate when they reach out to minorities -- using fictional characters.

That is the skewed logic of gun advocacy group, Political Media, the creator of Gun Appreciation Day.
With the snappy title, “What Would Django Do?” the president of Political Media, Larry Ward, says that he also plans to form a non-profit of the same name, though he has not checked into copyright infringement, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it,” Ward said. “We’ll make sure we aren’t violating copyrights, and if we are, we’ll have to change the name. But Django is perfect for what we’re trying to do, which is to promote gun rights to minorities. We’ll tackle the issue on the Democrats’ own turf.”
I’m assuming the “turf” that Ward is referring to are Black voters who overwhelmingly vote Democrat.
Maybe what Ward is failing to realize is that more guns on the streets means more Black people in jail — or dead.
The Southside of Chicago has enough guns. Philly and New Orleans have enough guns.
But they want to market guns to our communities using the likeness of an unhinged freed slave?
Will the responsible gun owners please speak up and shut these crazies down? 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Waiting For The Other Shoe to Drop --Part 15

             After dinner, I felt stone cold sober. Rich asked if I wanted to do something and I flashed him a questioning look. Something like what?
            Its a nice night, lets go to Lake Wheeler and take a walk, he suggested.
            Sounds good, but I need to change my shoes.
            You dont have a spare pair in your car? I know most women live like their trunk is a second closet.
            That shows how much you know, I retorted. I only have another pair of heels in my trunk. My walking shoes are underneath my bed.
            Rich laughed and it sounded like a melodic chord. OK, I was still a little tipsy. I will not sleep with him. I will not sleep with him.
            Are you good to drive? he asked as I took a shaky step.
            Probably not. Drinking and driving is never a good choice and I cant believe you let me do that. Reaching out, I pinched his forearm and smiled at him.
            He grabbed my hand and drew me into his arms. Im not going to lie; watching you give up control was fun to see.
            He nodded and brushed his lips against my forehead. Soft. Erotic. Stop it! I pulled back from him, tilting my head to the side as I looked into his eyes. Damn it, tequila made me horny and I was about to succumb to the feeling. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I pulled Richs lips to mine. Hot. Wet. And the kiss was amazing too. He pulled me closer, his erection pressed against my thighs and I yearned to have him inside. Needed him. Damn Patron.
            He broke the kiss and I was thankful because I was about to enter the third level of whoredom. I guess were going to blame that on the alcohol, Jamie?
            That wasnt funny, I said, even though I did laugh.
            He tapped my bottom and smiled. Im not even going to allow you to take me there. Youll wake up in the morning and start scowling about how I took advantage of you in your drunken state. Lets walk it off. Ill drive you home.
            And what happens to my car?
            We can come get it later. There are two things Im not going to let you do drunk tonight. Driving is only one of them.
            Winking at him as we crossed over to his car. You might be all right, Rich.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Check me out in Hot M.A.M.A Land

The only thing I love more than writing is football. In a past life, I'm sure that I was a smack talking cornerback for my beloved Dallas Cowboys.

OK, that's a little much. But I have fallen in love with a young quarterback -- named Colin Kaepernick.

Read the rest here

Friday, January 18, 2013

What a difference a year makes

This time last January, I was in love. I was washing his shirt because his clumsy ass spilled coffee on it.
You know what I feel now?
Pretty much like this:

There is a lesson in all experiences. In my case, there is hell of a book coming. :) There's always a silver lining in every heartbreak.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Waiting for The Other Shoe to Drop--Part 14

By the time we ordered dinner, I was slightly drunk. Honestly, Im a super lightweight when it comes to alcohol and tequila, forget about it. Rich seemed to enjoy my tipsy behavior, which included me sweating a lot.
            Im surprised youre a nice drunk, he said.
            Whats that supposed to mean? I asked as took a bite of a crispy chicken tender. I dont know if it was the alcohol or if that was the best chicken tender Id ever eaten.
            Rich toyed with his pasta and watched me. I put the remainder of the chicken in my mouth and chewed slowly. My body was heating up under his gaze and that was definitely a result of the alcohol. I wiped my mouth with a napkin and said, What?
            Hungry much?
            Im sorry am I not supposed to eat?
            The way you looked eating that chicken tender and the things you were talking about before have me thinking of something else Id rather do than sit here and eat dinner.
            And what does a chicken tender have to do with. . . I stopped short, thinking how I must have looked with that juicy piece of chicken in my mouth.  Is that so?
            But I was supposed to sit here and prove I want more than to just have sex with you.
            Laughing, I nodded. And Im not trying to seduce you while I eat this food. I just want to soak up the alcohol. Whens the last time you had a real relationship and what do you consider a real relationship? Moreover, why do you think we could have something?
            Who uses moreover in a regular conversation? He laughed then leaned in to me. I guess the start of a real relationship involves getting to know the other person and spending time together. You know, women make it hard to have real relationships.
            Oh, really? I was about to sober up quickly. How so?
            Because yall have these lists that no one can live up to, then you expect men to be mind readers and . . .
            You should stop while youre behind. Because what youre saying right now is the same bullshit that a cheating man says when he gets caught.
            And what does a cheating woman say?
            Nothing, because were better at it than you men are.
            Rich leaned back in the booth and folded his arms across his chest. Now, who sounds like the cheater spouting bullshit?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chatting with author Brian W. Smith

Brian W. Smith is prolific. He's also gifted. A business man and an all around cool person. With more than 17 novels under his belt and a recent deal with Strebor Books, Zane's imprint, Smith is about to change the game again with a new series centered around the character, Sleepy Carter.

1.  Readers always get something new from you. Tell the readers what 2013 holds?

My primary focus in 2013 will be the creation of the "Sleepy Carter Mystery" series. I will drop a few Contemporary novellas toward the end of the year so my supporters won't forget about me. But for me, 2013 is the year of Sleepy Carter. 

2.   How did you come up with the character Sleepy Carter?

  Those who have read my novels have come to expect surprise endings so I believe I've always been a closet Mystery writer. This past Fall, I could feel myself getting bored with writing. I was also a little frustrated with the industry. I knew that if I was going to continue to write I needed to do something fresh and new to re-spark my interest. I started researching the literary industry and discovered that ninety-five percent of the authors in the Mystery genre were white. That reality combined with my boredom, frustration, and love of sleuths like Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot, gave me an idea - I was going to join the likes of Walter Mosley and make a mark in the predominantly white Mystery genre. Two weeks later, the idea for a former New Orleans Detective named "Sleepy Carter" was born. 

3.  Brother, you are prolific. Where do you find the time to write all of these books?

Thanks for the compliment. I am a full-time writer. When I left Corporate America nearly four years ago, I vowed that I would use my time wisely. So, I'm always writing. I may not be the best writer in the world, but I refuse to let any author outwork me.

4.   What advice would you give to an aspiring author?

I would tell aspiring authors to do their research. I enjoy helping young authors, but nothing annoys me more than being asked questions that a simple google search can answer. When you and I started in this business, there was an internet, but there weren't search engines as powerful as google. When an author comes to me asking questions that they can find an answer to in seconds, that tells me they aren't looking for guidance, what they want is a handout. So, if you don't want to get your face cracked by a more seasoned author, do your homework. Once the aspiring author has done his/her due diligence, I advise them to do three things: Pray. Be steadfast in their faith. And prepare to work harder than they've ever worked before. This is a marathon not a sprint. The phrase "overnight success" usually isn't associated with African-American authors.

5.   Nina’s Got a Secret was reissued under Zane’s imprint in September. What was that experience like, since normally publish your own titles?

My experience with Strebor/Simon and Schuster was cool. I only signed a one book deal with the company so I don't have much "experience" to speak of. The deal I signed was great for me because it didn't prohibit me from running my own company, Hollygrove Publishing. I'm appreciative of that. 

6.   How has publishing changed since you released your first book?

Wow, this industry has changed so much since I entered in 2005. Black owned book stores were still the backbone for black authors. E-books weren't around. Borders (which was the most AA friendly major retailer) was alive and kicking. And there weren't as many authors vying for the same customers. Truth be told, authors entering the "game" now have more challenges (as it pertains to creating a brand) then I had when I started. Although the emergence of E-books has made it easier for new authors to get their work out to the public, those authors who don't have the writing skills, work ethic, and/or people skills needed to sell a book, won't make it to book number two.

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