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Friday, January 13, 2012

But when a former councilman was being dragged through the media. . .

Tracy Montross, Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx's aide, was cold busted.
She sent a threatening email to the Charlotte International Cabinet demanding that the group pay for the mayor's business class ticket to China. Foxx was going to China following his re-election to mayor.
According to The Charlotte Observer, this is what she wrote:

If it's not reimbursed," she wrote, "please expect hell with your presentation to (City) Council on next year's budget ... There is no reason for (Foxx) to support this expenditure in years to come. His position had not changed but has become more resolute. Thanks for your consideration in advance of our return."
There it is in Black and White.  A city employee who earns $72,000 a year acting like a bully. Her punishment? A three day suspension. Of course, it became a political issue with Republican city councilmembers Andy Dulin and Warren Cooksey puffed their chests out against her and Foxx.

Dulin says, "I will not stand to have Charlotte, North Carolina tarnished.  We are a great city with a formerly good, clean government.  And it's what our people deserve and that's what I'm gonna make sure we get back."
I'm going to stop you right there Dulin --Charlotte politics has always been murky, messy and dirty. What I don't understand is why Montross hasn't been fired?
Look at the last city council nastiness. Former councilman Warren Turner was accused of sexual harassment and there wasn't an iota of proof proving that he'd done anything.
According to the $35,000 report by attorney Valecia McDowell, Turner allegedly told one female employee, "You need a real man to be your motivation." To another, he allegedly said, "The guy you introduced to me, did you say he was your fiancĂ©? I need to know who would marry you!" A third incident — in which Turner allegedly pulled an employee's sweater to waist level — couldn't be verified, according to the report.
But there was nothing concrete like Montross's email and no one came to Turner's defense--like the mayor did of Montross.  He said at a recent meeting that Montross had been dragged through the media.
And the wall to wall coverage of the Turner mess was what?
In the Montross case, there's proof that she did something wrong.
Turner's case? There's just a $35,000 report that tax payers had to pay for. But Charlotte's politics is clean. Let's not even talk about Mecklenburg County.

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