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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Five Questions with Shameika Rhymes, author of The

Heartbreak is hardly funny, but when you give blogger and music lover Shameika Rhymes lemons, she's going to make lemonade and throw the discarded peels in your face, Mofo! She's the creator of the blog, The MofoChronicles, a dating story site. She's raw and funny. Rhymes recently spoke to me about dating in the Queen City, that's Charlotte in case you didn't know.
If you had to describe dating in Charlotte, how would you?
My experience dating in Charlotte hasn't been a very good one LOL. But if I had to describe it, I would say that it's definitely different. By that I mean, I have never been anywhere where it seems like the men are straight scared of the women, and by that I mean afraid to approach, pursue, etc. I haven't quite figured out a good compromise, but kudos to those that do LOL.

  •  Why do you think black women in Charlotte have a hard time finding a decent date?
I don't think black women have a hard time, it's just finding quality dates. It's always those trifling ones that want the woman to take care of them and take on the man's role that want to go out on dates LOL. No thank you! I think though, that we have to probably step outside the color lines, at least that's what I hear, I just took a vow of not dating because my nerves are bad. 

  •  The MofoChronicles is funny. Why did you start the blog? 
Thank you. I'm glad you find my pain funny LOL just kidding. I started blogging originally after a bad breakup, probably the biggest heartache ever in my life. I started noticing that the blogs people were responding to were the blogs that I wrote about dating. So, I noticed a trend, a lot of the dates that I was going on were with MOFO material, so the unnamed blog morphed into The Mofo Chronicles.

  •   How much truth do you put in to your Mofo posts?
Every post is a true story. I can't make this ish up LOL.
  • How can readers reach you? 
Follow me on Twitter @mofochronicles or check out the blog

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