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Thursday, January 5, 2012

I love the city of Charlotte, but. . .

My city is really a great place to live. Charlotte, North Carolina is a beautiful city. Clean streets. Nice neighborhoods. Friendly people. But where have all the copy editors gone?
The city's daily paper, The Charlotte Observer, made national news yesterday because of a herniated dick.

Yes, a herniated dick. Here's the back story:

Going all the way back to his last few seasons with the New Orleans Hornets, Knicks point guard Baron Davis has dealt with a frustrating series of back issues. Those issues, more specifically a herniated disc in his lower back, have prevented him from playing his first game with New York in the 2011-12 season. He's expected back sometime in late February.
The Charlotte Observer? It's not expected to recover from this typo surrounding Davis' herniated disc anytime soon. Take a modified look at what showed up in its sports section on Wednesday morning:
Way to go Charlotte.
Other things about my city that could use a copy editor:

When I woke up this morning to have breakfast, there was big news about a water main break in Myers Park, described by their neighborhood association as Charlotte's finest planned suburb. The water main break is expected to be fixed by the afternoon rush hour. Well, across town in North Charlotte, the city has been repairing a water main break since before Thanksgiving. The city has been working on it so long that during the last heavy rain, part of the street caved in. What's wrong with this picture?

A woman used a baby as weapon in a fight yesterday. In Charlotte, a woman broke into a house, bashed a sleeping 50-year-old in the face with a lamp and then threw a baby at a 16-year old.
The suspect ran away from the house, and Charlotte-Mecklenburg police have not indicated if she has been found.
And finally, The EpiCentre. In Uptown Charlotte, the EpiCentre is supposed to be the center of entertainment. Filled with bars, restaurants and a movie theater, this place should rock. And it does -- if you're not black.
First there were just rumors and stories about racism there. Then it was brought to the forefront when Phillip Agnew, an African American professional, was arrested last summer because of what was said to be a dress code violation. (Insert side eye)
In November, more allegations of racism surfaced. Channel 9 reported this:

Another group of young black men and women is filing a complaint with the CRC after they were arrested in April outside of Whiskey River.
The group is claiming bouncers were too aggressive in removing them from the bar during closing time and a fight ensued, ending in arrests for disorderly conduct and assault on a police officer. Two of the suspects went to the hospital to be treated for injuries."It's quite obvious that they are concerned with the perceptions about the epicenter when these types of allegations are made," said CRC Executive Director Willie Ratchford.
Interestingly enough, in September, the Charlotte Community Relations Committee said there wasn't any racial discrimination there. And you can best believe that when the CIAA Basketball Tournament returns to Charlotte next month black promoters and party goers will be breaking their neck to host events there and spend all there money with The EpiCentre.

But, I still love my strange, clean and abused city.


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