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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Children don't even act like this

So, the Mecklenburg County Board of County Commissioners spent time talking about seating arrangements when teachers in the Charlotte Mecklenburg School system haven't had a raise in three years.
How I wish this was a joke.

Here's what The Charlotte Observer reported about the recent BOCC meeting:
[On a] Dec. 20 meeting, [Harold]Cogdell's first as chairman, Democrat Vilma Leake asked Cogdell why her chair had been moved to the end of the dais next to [County Manager Harry] Jones, while Republican Neil Cooksey was moved closer to the middle where she once sat. Cogdell told Leake the issue wasn't on the agenda and quickly moved on.
So Leake, with Roberts and Democrat George Dunlap, had the issue added to Wednesday's agenda.
On Wednesday, Leake told fellow commissioners that she'd found a note after the Dec. 20 meeting. She said it was from another commissioner and that she believed it had been slipped to Cogdell during the meeting. The note, she said, read: "Tell her the truth. No one, Republican or Democrat, wants to sit next to her because she's so disruptive."
Leake said she felt attacked: "No one on this board works any harder than I do ... I have not disrupted this meeting, nor have I, in any way, created any outburst. I am asking that we communicate with each other and that we be respectful."
And these are our leaders? Here's a real issue it would be nice for the BOCC to look at. To hell with seating arrangements.

If you're fed up, make sure you're registered to vote.
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