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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Do we really have to give up the fashion rules at 35?

March 1st is a significant date for two reasons. One, it's the date my latest book is due to my publisher and two, it's the day I turn 35.

In my mind, my 35th year was supposed to be totally different. I expected to be married or at least a New York Times bestseller. Instead, I'm wading on the mid-list, hoping that the next book I release is the one that puts me over the top. As far as marriage goes, well, that ship has sailed and sunk. It was a very fiery accident that has inspired several novels. :) 

So, I sought some inspiration from TV -- I know that's sacrilegious for a writer. My remote's battery died on a marathon of TLC's What Not To Wear. Up pops a sign, no mini skirts after 35. Really? So all of that working out to get my legs looking half way decent was for not?

Who comes up with all of these rules that women of a certain age are supposed to follow? Or the names that women of a certain age are called? Cougar, anyone?
I'd like to see Stacey or Clinton tell Tina Turner or Diahann Carroll to stop wearing mini skirts. When did 35 become too old to wear just what the hell I want wear? And if women are supposed to make grown up fashion choices, why are designers constantly making the cutest little mini skirts?
Here's the thing, if you don't shop in the junior's section, I think you're all right. To heck with the rules!
And this is why I lied about my age for so long!

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