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Friday, January 27, 2012

People love to argue on the internet. . .I refuse to play that game

Bloggers get a bad reputation for spreading rumors and keeping mess going online. I guess I'm a blogger now, so let me lay out some rules. 1. I'm here to share stories --fact and fiction.
2. I don't dish about celebs. Hell, I'm in Charlotte and there aren't many famous people in my city.
3. As a journalist, I like to inform and let people come to their own conclusions. This blog is not Fox News.

This post isn't dedicated to my followers and fans, y'all know me. But earlier this evening, I discovered that some readers of a "paper" I used to work for were angry because I wouldn't go back and forth with them on the comments underneath a story that I'd written in November. Some reader must have Googled me. I'm really flattered.

But just because you want invite me to a fight, anonymous online commenter:
You can also find Ms. Hodges at her blog,

I'm going to post my comment there as well and see if I'm able to elicit a response since she doesn't appear to engage with the commenters at CL-CLT.
It doesn't mean I have to take the invitation. It's funny to me that you want to argue online. I guess this is the brave new world. I took a moment and checked my stats for the day you "outed me," and it's clear that nobody gives a shit. I waver on commenting on my own blog. It's akin to liking your Facebook statuses -- pretty fucking wack. 

So, if you're wondering what started this little online stalking, I'm going to provide a link to the story. But don't expect an argument about it because I don't play those games. Besides, arguing with a fool on the internet leaves a lot of doubt as to who the true fool really is.

Story link.

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