Chatting with LaSheera Lee: When the reader becomes the writer The Pleasure Is Mine

Literary maven and author LaSheera Lee

LaSheera Lee is a published author, y'all!  And it's about time. Mrs. LaSheera Lee, who writes as LA Gray, is one of my favorite people in the world and when she talks about books it is always with such passion and deepness. It was only a matter of time before she made the jump into the writing side of the literary field.

I'm happy that she took the time to talk to me about her first novella.

Tell the readers about contribution to the Anthology, The Pleasure's Mine.

     First, thank you for the opportunity to appear on your blog. I am a contributor on the anthology The Pleasure's Mine.
Fed up with her boyfriend's antics, social worker, Felecia Lancaster, embarks on a world of pleasure that will change the course of her life, when she encounters rich philanthropist Hanson Armstrong. Hanson's strong arm tactics and pleasurable tongue, throws Felecia completely off guard and leaves her in a heated struggle between what she knows is right and her carnal desires. Will she be able to pull herself from pleasure's smoking grip or will Felecia find herself crashing head first to a deadly end?

You’re an avid reader, did that play a role in your decision to write?

    As a book club president and radio show host, I am immersed in books. However. prior to my blogging etc. I would write short stories. I used to share a few of them with my college roommates. The writing bug has always been in my genes. However, it took the assistance of Mz. Robinson to activate it.

 What’s it been like being a published author?

   I find it exciting and scary. It is quite different being on the other side of the review fence. It is extremely hard to predict readers view of your work. However, I am willing to work and grow in the area of writing.

 What’s the best writing advice you’ve ever received? 

Well, I have received numerous writing tips. All of the advice I have received was helpful. However, there is one tip that stands out in my mind. I was told to write the story that appeals to you. Readers will know if your story is being forced. Therefore, stay true to who you are as a writer.

 What’s next on the horizon for you?

I am always doing something. I plan on releasing a full length book next spring. I'm addition, my daughter will be rehearsing a mystery series. 

Once again, thank you for this opportunity!  

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