Looking for a hero? How about three from #IPE

Nikkea ShareèIris BollingLoretta R. Walls are Infinite Porte Enterprises.

Are you holding out for a hero? The ladies of Infinite Porte Enterprises have three for you. 

In the anthology, Heroes, Iris Bolling, Loretta R. Walls and Nikkea Sharee usher in a new trio in the literary world. 

It's like Three the Diva way! 
The ladies of IPE talked to me about their venture! 

How did you three come up with the idea to join forces for this anthology? 

IPE:  Well, I believe we were still working on the Heart TV Series when we realized we hadn't done a book event that year. Also, we wanted to put something together to merge the Delaware, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) area authors for better exposure. We all agreed that our local areas were not getting enough exposure in the educational arena and had a desire to change that. To provide exposure to authors and assist with the educational issues in our area' we realized we need financing. Instead of asking people to donate, we decided to use our talents to earn the funds needed to have literary events in the area. The proceeds from the events will go into scholarships and other school system needs. 

 Tell the readers about each story in the anthology.

  IPE:  Iris Bolling's story "Love Under Fire" kicks off the first of three stories.

Someone is setting houses on fire. Shai Rollins is the number one suspect. She lost her family in a fire and the man responsible is still walking the streets. Fire Chief, Richard Hasting has to investigate a series of fires. Shai, the woman at the forefront of the investigation walked out of his life years ago. Now, he has to save her from herself and from an arsonist...again.

Next, is Nikkea Sharee's "Hostile" to merge the reader into another realm:

A frantic phone call to 911 by a scared little girl...
A mother at odds with her emotions...
A hostage negotiator trying to make sense of it all...

When the unthinkable turns a peaceful home into a hostile environment, anything can happen!

Last but not least, Loretta R. Walls rounds out the medley with "Perfect Respect" for the soldier in all of us:

Major Miriyanda Williams was accustomed to earning respect in her field of expertise. When her latest assignment called for a mission in the desert a blast from the past upped the ante -- times two. Can she survive the heat of two men wanting her love on foreign soil? Will there ever be perfect respect?

 What was the process like to put the anthology together? 

IPE:  We sat down and decided, WHO, WHAT and WHEN we wanted to write about. This made the theme easy to agree on. We are typically romance writers and to us everyone needs a hero, so we decided to go with a hero theme. Writing comes easy for all three of us. The only challenge was penning a riveting short story. We hope it's pleasing to the reading audience.

 Did you ladies write together? 

IPE:  No, however, we did consult during the writing process and read each other's work upon completion for clarity and flow.Then we sent it to several BETA readers for feedback. It was very encouraging. 

What was the best thing about this collaboration for you three?

 IPE:  For readers who are not familiar with our work, this anthology is a great introduction, for others it will provide a familiar platform. We’re giving you three for one. In addition, all proceeds raised from the e-book sales will go toward future events to assist the educational arena, from school supplies to scholarships. We want to give back in a real way and hopefully, it will inspire those around us to do the same. In then end, its a great feeling to have a project with friends who support, admire and love each others as sisters. We fuss, cry, and laugh together, just as sisters do, but in the end the key word is TOGETHER.


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