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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Watching my mama become a real football fan. . .too funny!

My mother, Doris, is too funny.
For years,  we've been a football family. I remember a Christmas on year where my sister and I got football sweatshirts. I wanted a Dallas Cowboys shirt —of course — because that was my Daddy's team. My sister, God bless her, got a Pittsburgh Steelers shirt. She is now a Washington fan. . .but I digress.

So, who's my mama's team, you ask?

The Miami Dolphins.

No. She is not a fan of the Dolphins because they're the only team to ever have a perfect season.
Nope, she doesn't care how great Dan Marino was.

She likes their colors.

Yes, she picked her team based on colors. And for years as my sister, my brother and my Daddy trash talked each other. She always shrugged off a Dolphins loss.
She'd get her little digs in when Dallas or Washington loss, though. But want can you say to the woman who has the chicken salad and the red velvet cake? NOT. A. WORD.

So, as I do every Sunday when the 'Boys are playing, winning or losing, I called my Daddy to lament Weeden's interception. We had out little chat.
Then I asked him to put my mama back on the phone. I was not expecting the conversation that followed!

Mama: So, how are you doing?
Me: I'm fine.
Mama: What game are you watching?
Me: *After picking my jaw up* Dallas and Arizona.
Mama: *In her excited voice* I'm watching my Dolphins and they are winning big time! They have 30 and the other team has zero.
Me: Really? Who are they playing?
Mama: Umm, OD, SD, who is that?
*Snickering* Me: The San Diego Chargers?
Mama: Yeah, yeah, that's them. They haven't scored a point! *Still in her excited lady voice*
Me: Well, enjoy your game. My team isn't doing that well.
Mama: I know.
Me: Bye, mama.

I think I laughed for ten minutes. I love my mama!

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Deborah Mello said...

Sweet! This made me smile!