Chatting with Lisa Watson: Love By Design and the Match Broker series

Author Lisa Watson

Lisa Watson is an author to watch. Better yet, an author to read voraciously. 
Her latest Kimani romance, Love By Design, is a part of the Match Broker series. Watson joins me today to talk about writing her series and some of her favorite books. After all, the best writers are readers as well. 


         Romance series are all the rage. How do you plan out each book in your series

         I’m always mindful of the fact that sometimes the secondary characters in your book will stand up and say, “Hey!  We want our stories told, too!”  So I’ve taken to setting up my books so that they can stand alone, but also continue the theme of the series from one book to the next.  I love reading romance series and seeing favorite characters again and again, so that helps me when I’m planning mine.

            Tell the readers about Love By Design and the Match Broker series.

    The Match Broker series started with the premise of a blind date that was set up by my character Adrian Anderson’s mother, Norma Jean Anderson…with disastrous results.  She wants nothing more than her only child…and his friends…to know the ‘Forever kind of love’ that she’s had with her husband.  So she goes overboard sometimes, but always leads from a place of love.  In Love ByDesign, her nephew, Logan Montague had the beginnings of that kind of love with his childhood best friend, Dakota Carson, but life, family obligations and fear got in the way.  He moved away, and their relationship was never the same.  Now he’s realized that he can’t live another day without declaring his true feelings for Dakota, and trying a second time to be the man she needs.  But for Dakota…the devastation of his desertion, and some of her own life disappointments make it hard for her to welcome Logan back with open arms into her life…and her heart.

                 What are some series that you read?

          I grew up on Historical romances.  Though I write Contemporary, multicultural romance…I tend to gravitate back to Historical when reading for pleasure.  I LOVE the Jaded Gentleman series by Renee Bernard.  I lost some serious sleep, and as soon as I was finished one, I started the next.  My family didn’t see me for a week! 

    What would you say has changed about your writing from your first book to    your latest?

         I’ve learned so much since my first novel.  I’d say that thanks to wonderful editors, and advice from my agent and author friends, my writing is stronger, I don’t head hop, and that I’m more mindful of cliffhangers that keep readers engaged and turning those pages!

          What's the best book you've read this year?

       To be honest, I’ve been helping my husband study for his PMP certification for the last few months, so between that, and working on deadlines…I haven’t read much for pleasure…except my guilty pleasure of Sleepy Hollow (TV series) fan fiction.  I’m seriously hooked on it, and it’s the last thing I do before going to sleep each night.  It’s my decompression mechanism.  Thanks to my job as host of Reader’s Entertainment Radio Show, I now have a heck of a Wish list of books that I’d love to read.  Past guests like Niecey Roy, Michelle Lindo-Rice, Colleen Coble, Beverly Jenkins and Mingmei Yip had stories that were intriguing, and after reading an excerpt, ones that I can’t wait to read.  After I finish my latest novel, I’m going to take a break from writing, and hopefully catch up on some reading over the holidays.

        How can the readers keep up with you online?

     Readers can find me on Facebook (NCLisaWatson), Twitter (LisaYWatson),, Goodreads, Pinterest and Google +.

      What's next on the horizon for you?

       Right now I’m working on a Christmas novella, A Fiancé for Christmas.   Afterwards, I’m finishing up two of my IR romances that I’ll be shopping  around, working on a few new romance series’ that I’ll be self-publishing.  As  long as my fans keep reading, I’ll be writing!


Nila N. Brown said…
Great interview, Cheris! Congrats and good luck to you, Lisa!
Cheris Hodges said…
I love you for supporting my blog!
Lisa Watson said…
Thanks for the well wishes, Nila!
Hugs to you Cheris for having me as a guest author! I appreciate your support!


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