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Friday, November 14, 2014

Chatting with Phyllis Bourne. . .The Espresso Empire series

My new favorite author, Phyllis Bourne
Romance author Phyllis Bourne might be the only other person I know who has the same addiction to Starbucks that I do. Add that to the fact that she writes some of the sexiest romance out there and you can understand why she's among one of my favorite authors.
Her Mr. Phyllis stories on Facebook as just as entertaining as her novels! 

Her series,  Espresso Empire, kicked off with Every Road To You in March.

The next entry into the series will be April's Moonlight Kisses

Romance series are all the rage. How do you plan out each book in your series?

Unfortunately, I’m not much of a planner or a plotter. I do turn in a synopsis for each book in the series, because my publisher requires it. However, I don’t use them once I start writing. I only have a vague idea and figure the rest out as I write each book.

 Tell the readers about the next entry into the Espresso Empire series.

The next book in the Espresso Empire series is Moonlight Kisses (May 2015). Older brother Cole Sinclair takes the reign of Espresso Cosmetics in hopes of restoring the company his mother founded to its former glory.
Cole meets his match in rival cosmetics company owner, Sage Matthews. And when I say, ‘meets his match’ – I mean literally. Their personality traits mirror each other. They’re both overbearing, competitive and a wee bit ruthless when it comes to business.
The two engage in a sexy battle of one-upmanship that’s hella funny!

  What are some series that you read? 

I’m a huge fan of Farrah Rochon’s, ‘Moments in Maplesville’ series. She brings that fictional town to life in a way that makes me want buy a house there! 
Gwyneth Bolton’s Hightower series is my favorite classic series. 

What would you say has changed about your writing from your first book to your latest? 

The biggest change is my books now reflect more of my personality and sense of humor. My first book, A Moment on the Lips (February 2006), was an easy-paced sweeter romance.  My current book Falling into Forever (on sale now!) and the upcoming Moonlight Kisses (May 2015) are faster paced and on the sexy side. I’m also betting they make readers laugh out loud.

 What's the best book you've read this year?

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. I made the mistake of picking it up first thing in the morning. I couldn’t put it down until I finished it later that afternoon.

 How can the readers keep up with you online? 

I’m easy to find online.
Instagram: @phyllisbourne
Twitter: @phyllisbourne

What's next on the horizon for you? 

This week, I’m starting the third installment of the Espresso Empire series. Lola Gray learns she’s lost her job as the face of Espresso Cosmetics to a drag queen – and there’s hell to pay! 

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