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Friday, September 2, 2011

Cheris featured in QcityMetro

I got the tape recorder turned around on me recently. Being a full time journalist, I'm used to asking the questions. But Michaela Duckett was a great interviewer, I hope I'm half as good as she is. Here's the article:

Qcity author Cheris Hodges says writing romance novels began as a way to escape from her day job.
“I started writing my first book when I was covering police and courts in Covington, Ga.,” she says. At the time, Hodges was working for the Covington News. “Everyday was murder, mayhem and spending hours at the jail looking up arrest reports.”
A decade and 13 books later, Hodges no longer covers police and the courts but says she still looks to her characters for a mental diversion.
“Being a journalist, you have to stick to the facts,” says the Creative Loafing staffer. “When you are writing a novel, you are creating the world, so you make the fictional facts. You have to kind of let the characters drive you. You don’t do that in a news story. The facts drive you.”
Hodges’ latest release, “Too Hot for TV,” goes on sale Sept. 6 and takes place behind the scenes of a fictional reality-dating show. Hodges recently sat down with to talk about the novel, her source of inspiration and to offer advice to aspiring writers.
Read the full interview here .

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