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Friday, September 23, 2011

How the Goings and friends saga began

A lot of readers love a series. I know there are several I enjoy. AlTonya Washington's Ramsey's series, Brenda Jackson's Westmoreland series are just two.

But I never meant to write one. James Goings changed that. When I wrote Let's Get It On, it started with the idea of a hot shot NFL wide receiver getting stood up at the altar. Maurice Goings was born. Young, brash and used to getting his way. But he had broken one heart along the way, Kenya Taylor.
As the story came together, I had to give Maurice a conscious. Enter older brother James.

James has edge, James was the only person who could tell Maurice about himself  and James just wouldn't go away. When Let's Get It On ended, Betting On Love began. James needed his own book. I knew he needed a dynamic woman to help him on his journey to love.
I just didn't expect this heffa to have three best  friends. But I could -- in good faith -- send a single woman dealing with a break up to Las Vegas alone. Kandace, Alicia and Serena had to go with her.

If I weren't a writer and had all of these voices in my head, I'd be locked up some where. And rightfully so, but Kandace needed a vacation and found one in No Other Lover Will Do. Solomon Crawford came into my life and I have to tell you, I'm not done with the Crawfords.

And how can I forget about Serena Jacobs. She was that smart mouth friend who basically told me, chick, you are writing about me! Serena give me a lot to play with. Why was she so mean? His Sexy Bad Habit explained that attitude.
And then there's sexy chef, Devon Harris, who was once in love with Kandace. Solomon doesn't like him because he thinks this man still wants his wife. Umm, no. In March, Devon's story is going to be told in Recipe For Desire.

Alicia's talking to me and I'm working on her story. She works too doggone much, trying to prove something. but she is tired of being the third wheel.

So, until March, check out Maurice and Kenya's prequel, Maurice and Kenya . . The Beginning.


Kim said...

I can not wait. I really enjoyed all the other stories. Keep up the great work.

CherisH said...

Thanks Kim. I love this cast of characters. They have more issues than Ebony, Jet and Essence, which makes them so much fun to write about.