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Friday, September 2, 2011

E-Books. . .love them or love to hate them?

I love books. The covers, holding it in my hand and flipping the pages. I also enjoy skipping to the end to read the last line and then watching it unfold. Thinking, how did the author get from the first line to the last one?
A lot of authors are turning to the format to sell their stories, some are even giving their books away. It's lead to a bunch of debate -- how much is too much? How can a well known author sell his or her book for .99?

Is this the iTuning of books? I'm not going to lie, e-books are so convenient. I've downloaded a few books because I was too tired umm lazy, to go to the store. If I loved the book, I went out, often the next day, and bought the hard copy.

E-books are a part of life, now. And it's up to us as writers to make sure when you market an e-book to give the readers the best. After all, we'd be nothing without them.

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