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Monday, September 26, 2011

My crush...Mike Tomlin

I'm a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan. It's been that way since I was five years old, curled up on the sofa with my dad watching the games on Sunday. Back then, you had two choices-- watch football or shut up.
As a Cowboys fan, I was taught to hate the Redskins and the Steelers. Hating the Redskins is super easy. They are a poorly run organization and Dan Synder is a little jerk!
And for years, my Steelers hate was strong.
Then he came along:

Mike Tomlin, head coach of the hated Steelers is one fine man. And when he makes those angry faces on the sidelines, umm! I get such an inspiration to write.
I'm not a Steelers' fan. I especially dislike their quarterback with all of his alleged abuse of women and I never want them to win a game. But I do watch their sidelines just for a glimpse of Sexy Mike.
You can expect a Mike Tomlin-ish character to show up in a future book, short story or just more blogs about him. This is my crush of the moment. :)

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