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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

And you thought your Valentine's Day sucked. . .

A bit of role play spices up relationships. Well, add some calls to 9-1-1, nine police cars and an arrest of a Portland couple and your V-Day Waffle House dinner and port wine was simply amazing.

Stephanie Pelzner and her boyfriend Nikolas Harbar were in the midst of a role-playing game when Harbar put her in the back of his Subaru, naked and bound with duct tape, and took a little joy ride around the city, including a stop at a grocery store, where concerned witnesses spotted her and called the cops. Nine patrol cars were sent to pursue the presumed kidnapper’s vehicle, and twenty minutes later the romantic interlude ended in Harbar’s driveway, where police confirmed the situation was indeed voluntary, and booked the pair into the Multnomah County Jail.
I'm sure this isn't how this couple thought they'd be spending the evening in handcuffs. On another note, do you think they should've been arrested?

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