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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chatting with Trice Hickman. . .who will be signing in Charlotte this week (BE THERE!)

This week Charlotte will be celebrating 100 years of CIAA Basketball. The 12 historically black colleges and universities that make up the league have produced some great thinkers, ballers and writers. This weekend, Winston-Salem State University alumnae, Trice Hickman, will be signing books in Charlotte. Hickman embodies a huge lesson that students learn at HBCUs --never give up.

Talk about your journey to publication.

First, I want to start by saying thank you so much for allowing me this opportunity for an interview on your blog! I’m very appreciative.
My journey to publication has been an interesting one. After I wrote my first novel, Unexpected Interruptions, I was bursting with excitement. I did my do diligence and submitted my work to every agent, publisher, and editor whom I thought would be interested in the book. But to my disappointment, rejection letters started trickling in by the boat loads. Every single person I submitted my work to turned it down. Rejection is tough, but I was much too determined to give up. After 2 ½ more years of searching for a book deal, I decided to take the fate of my literary career into my own hands. I did painstaking research before taking a leap of faith and forming my own publishing company, Platinum Books. I released Unexpected Interruptions myself, and the book that everyone turned down went on to earn two literary awards and top several bestsellers lists. I eventually published two additional novels when I was approached by Kensington (Dafina Books). They offered me a contract to buy all three of my originally self-published books. Kensington re-released Unexpected Interruptions, April 2011, and this time the book that was originally rejected several years earlier received a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly! My second novel, Keeping Secrets &Telling Lies, was just released this month, and my third book, Playing the Hand You’re Dealt will hit bookstore shelves this December. I’m currently working on my next novel.

 What’s the main difference in self-publishing and having a contract with a traditional publisher? 

The main difference between self-publishing and being signed with a traditional publisher is the level of responsibility the author has to shoulder in the overall publication process. When you self-publish, everything is on you! You must foot the bill for all the costs of publishing your book. From beginning to end, you are responsible for everything from the cover design, to getting the book edited, to book distribution, to fulfilling purchase orders, to submitting invoices, to scheduling book signings. When you’re signed with a traditional publisher they take care of the tasks mentioned. However, whether an author is traditionally or self-published, the one thing that remains the same in either case is that you MUST actively work to promote your book.

 You’re a radio show host as well as best-selling author, tell our readers about your show. 

I’m so excited about the Blogtalk Radio show I host with bestselling author, Brian W. Smith! Our show, On the Air with Trice and Brian, started airing September 2011. Since then we’ve gained a loyal following of readers, authors, and industry professionals who tune in to hear from seasoned professionals and rising new authors in the industry. The show has become so popular that our chat room has a name—the Book Brats! If you catch the show and drop into the chat room you’ll see why! It’s fun, interactive, and addictive! On the Air with Trice and Brian airs every other Thursday, 8:00 p.m. EST at Listeners can also call-in at 619-393-2858.

 What is your latest novel, Keeping Secrets and Telling Lies, about? 

Keeping Secrets & Telling Lies, is the story about a successful power couple who seem to have it all. Victoria is an attractive, business savvy sister who owns an event planning and catering company. Ted is a powerful, blue-eyed CEO who knows how to take care of business in and out of the boardroom. But their seemingly happy marriage begins to unravel when secrets from their past creep into their present. They begin telling lies that eventually catches up to them, and they must fight to find a way to keep the love they hold so dear. This is a story about how good people can make poor decisions, and once they do, how do they recover from them?

 Did you expect to write a sequel to Unexpected Interruptions

Yes! After I wrote the last line of Unexpected Interruptions, it was the end of the book, but not the end of the story. The characters still had things to say, so I listened to them and continued their journey. And even after I completed Keeping Secrets &Telling Lies, the characters are still talking to me, telling me to finish their story, so I’ve outlined the last book in what I’m calling the Love With No Limits trilogy.

 Where do you draw your inspiration?

I draw my inspiration from life experience and the people around me. But let me be clear; to date, I have not written about anything that has directly happened to me, or about anyone whom I know. I tap into my vivid imagination to fictionalize things I’ve observed. I always ask, “Hmmm, I wonder what would happen if?”

 How can readers reach you? 

Readers can reach me through my website, I love connecting with readers through the social networks as well. They can find me at:
Facebook:, Twitter:, and LinkedIn: 

Trice will be signing copies of Keeping Secrets & Telling Lies  at Barnes and Noble:
Author Event
Barnes & Noble at Carolina Place welcomes author Trice Hickman, who will be signing copies of her latest fiction novel, Keeping Secrets and Telling Lies. Ms. Hickman will sign copies of her novel Unexpected Interruptions as well.
Friday March 02, 2012 7:00 PM
Carolina Place Mall11025 Carolina Place, Pineville, NC 28134, 704-544-9985

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