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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Devon Harris and one night in Paris (France, not Hilton)

Devon Harris is a celebrity chef who defied his NBA father by heading to culinary school in Paris. At the time, Devon was dating Kandace Davis, the woman his father blamed for his son's decision to abandon playing basketball.

So, Devon Harris, Sr. arranged a going away party that would change his son's life and cost him his relationship with Kandace.

Was Devon hoping for a reunion with Kandace when they reunited in Betting On Love and he decided to work for the work his friends, Jade, Serena and Alicia? Yes, but as it turned out it wasn't meant to be. Besides, Devon had a lot he was dealing with. He gave me the details about one night in Paris that changed his outlook on love and the man he wanted to be.

When I arrived in Paris, I met a lot of beautiful women and many of them were impressed by my cooking skills. I don't know what it is about women and men who cook for them. As a young man, I did my share of loving and leaving. Then I met Monique. 
She was sweet, passionate and reminded me of everything  I'd lost with Kandace. But I knew I couldn't give her the commitment she wanted or needed. See, I was reeling from the fact that my mother had cancer and was near death. My father, who'd been abusive to my mother for years, was using her illness for his  personal gain. While he was pretending to be the loving and supportive husband, I found myself becoming more and more like him. Using women to hide my pain. When Monique and I were alone in my apartment one night, she told me that she loved me and I knew that I had to end it and change my life. I couldn't hurt another woman the way I'd hurt Kandace. 
Looking out at the lights of the city and having the Eiffel Tower in the background, Monique asked me why couldn't I love her and what was holding me back from being happy. 
I told her that she deserved a better man, someone who was ready to give her all that she wanted and needed. Of course she didn't understand and cursed me out in French before she dashed out of my life. As my mother's condition worsened, I left Paris and returned to Atlanta. Before she died, she told me that I had to forgive my father. I'm still working on that. But I have become a better man and instead of hurting women with my selfish needs and desires, I've decided to make amends. First, Kandace forgave me -- even though there is no chance of us having a romantic relationship ever again. (I hope her husband Solomon Crawford is reading this.)
Second, I decided to help other women in the same situation as my mother had been in for years. And I did it without trying to garner publicity for my cooking show or anything else I was doing. I'm not my father. 

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Lena The Art Diva said...

C'est Bonne! THIS IS HOTTTT, like Devon's cooking skills, maybe?--I dunno' but I do want to find out!! I'm already hooked, France--romance what more could you ask for...