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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jason Campbell (the NFL QB) channels Maurice Goings--sort of

Life kind of imitates art when it comes to the wedding of NFL quarterback Jason Campbell. The former Washington Redskins QB was supposed to get married in the Dominican Republic over the weekend. However, the wedding never happened, according to Black Sports Online.

Over the weekend rumors started to surface that Former Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell had pulled a Richard Jefferson and left his fiancée Jenny Montes at the altar hours before their wedding in the Dominican Republic.
On Monday, that fast food site reported it as fact that Campbell had bailed on the ceremony.
Campbell has spoken out on the matter to clear up the rumors.
Former Washington Redskins and Oakland Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell was supposed to get married over the weekend in the Dominican Republic.
However, he and his fiancé, Jenny Montes, mutually decided to hold off on taking their vows because of personal reasons.
Campbell told CSN’s Kate Longworth that he did not leave Montes at the altar, as had been reported. He said that was not in his character.
Do I believe Campbell?
Jenny has his initials tattooed on his back, so I doubt she was happy about pulling the plug on the wedding, but Campbell has made his statement and I respect him at least acknowledging the rumors.
First, let me say I feel sorry for Jenny Montes and I hope that she had a role in the decision not to marry Campbell. Second, he should've been glad someone wanted to marry him -- dude, you played for The Redskins. The. Washington. Redskins. broke up with you first. And finally, this is so familiar to me.
My football player, Maurice Goings, was stood up at the altar in Let's Get It On.
When I wrote this book in 2008, I had no idea that this would actually happen in reality--even if it was to a former Redskin. Here's hoping Jason and Jenny find happiness at the end of this ordeal. And let that be a lesson to you, never, ever get his name or initials tattooed on you until he puts a ring on it!

Meet my Jason Campbell in If It Isn't Love.

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