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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Finding inspiration in a bad romance

Lady GaGa sang about a bad romance. But a bad romance inspired my first romantic suspense, Cautious Heart.

Caprice Johnson is a highly respected detective. She's one of the few women in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department's elite Vice/Narcotics unit. Caprice does her job with precision and expertise; her entire life is built around being a police officer. But it wasn't always that way. When Caprice lived in Chicago, she was a police officer on the fast track with the Chicago Police Department, but she was also in love with the man she thought she was going to marry, Damien King. But Damien's wandering eye and lack of self-control when it came to women sent Caprice flying out of the Midwest forever. Determined to protect her heart and her emotions from the pain she felt in Chicago, Caprice stops dating and refuses to let anyone get close to her. While her career flourishes, she has no personal life at all.
Inspector Nathan Wallace fell in love with Caprice while working side by side with her as a partner. When he gets promoted to the department's internal affairs division, he reveals his feelings to Caprice. Nathan tries to break down the wall she's built around herself. But every time he gets close to her, she pulls away. Despite every thing she tries to do to push Nathan away, he doesn't stop loving her. The harder he pursues her, the harder she fights him. As time goes on, Caprice begins to warm to Nathan and a relationship buds. Just when it seems things couldn't get any better for Caprice professionally and personally, she makes a huge drug bust that changes her life. Caprice and her new partner arrest one of the most notorious drug dealers in the state. When she takes him down, Donovan Harris vows to get even with her. He wants to ruin Caprice's career and reputation so that she can't testify against him. Donovan hatches a dangerous plan that could ruin everything Caprice had ever worked for.
Then the man who broke Caprice's heart, Damien King, comes to Charlotte to start a new business and win Caprice back. When he turns up dead, Caprice is the prime suspect. With her career and life on the line, Caprice has to rely on Nathan and the truth to survive.
Want to know why Damien had to die?  Watch this:

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