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Monday, February 20, 2012

That book was so much better than the movie

A lot of people ask authors, have you ever thought about turning one of your books into a movie?

Thought about it?

Man, I dream about walking the red carpet at premiere of Cautious Heart: The Movie dressed in a black leather dress and some purple knee-high boots. But that has more to do with my leather obsession than any offer I've been given to turn Cautious Heart or any of my books into a movie.

But I worry about someone else's view of my babies, I mean my books. What if they put the wrong actress in the role of my heroine. Like, Gabrielle Union as Freddie from More Than He Can Handle -- umm, NO!

And what if I can't get Spike Lee to direct it? Did I tell you that Spike Lee is the other part of my dream?

Mostly, I worry that my readers will walk away from the theater saying, that book was so much better than the movie. It's important to me to make my readers happy, I remember how disappointed I was a reader when I saw those horrible BET Arabesque movies. That was part of what led me to boycott the channel. Those movies looked nothing like the wonderful books that had been written. Thank God they stopped that. That's why I admire Brenda Jackson so much.

Last year, Jackson produced Truly Everlasting, a movie based on her wildly popular Madaris series. The movie created quite a buzz and it was wonderful. If I could do that then you'd see Cautious Heart on screen.

Tell me, what are some of your favorite books that have become movies?

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