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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saturday randoms. . .

It's not often that I spend a lot of time with my 19-year-old niece, who is also dabbling in writing, but this weekend we decided to hang out in Charlotte.

First there was brunch, or my excuse to have Dunkin Doughnuts coffee. It's funny that we went there, I call her munchkin, even though she's my height these days.
She now says she runs on Dunkin and will never eat a Krispy Kreme again. 

Posing in front of Artist Lena J's mural in Myers Hall, my old dorm.
Then we made a stop at my alma mater, Johnson C. Smith University. Next, we headed to Macy's where there was supposed to be a celebration for artist Romare Bearden, who is a Charlotte native.
This is what they said was supposed to happen:

Bring your family to our Children's event and enjoy storytelling, arts & crafts, delicious treats and exciting entertainment.
Join us for a celebration of Romare Bearden, featuring children’s collage and craft activities, storybook readings, live music, and face painting!  Plus, with any purchase of $50 of more, you will receive a complimentary scarf printed with Romare Bearden’s most revered work, The Lamp.

This is what we saw:
Where is everybody? And we were late.

Finally, my niece decided that she wanted a tattoo. And that's where the day ended! At Visions Tattoos.
So, how was your weekend? 
My niece is into music! 

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