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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop: Part 16 B

Rich scooped me up in his arms and our lips were drawn together like metal and a magnet. Lips parted, tongues danced, I felt as if I had a lustful fever. Pulling at Richs shirt, I felt buttons pop off as the kiss deepened and I wrapped my legs around his waist. His dick throbbed and the vibrations sent tingles through my nervous system and pooled passion between my thighs. We broke the kiss, stared into each others eyes as if we shared a singular thought. As if we needed nothing more than to melt into each other. He rushed to my bedroom and we tumbled on to the bed as we pulled each others clothes off. Running my hand down his bare chest as he straddled my awaiting body, I couldnt believe how much I craved this man. Or was it just . . . No, dont over analyze it. Just go with it.
            Rich kissed my neck, licking and sucking as if he was enjoying dessert. Inching down the column of my neck he proceeded to devour my breasts, nipping at my nipples making me arch my back in response to his mouth. His hot mouth. Tantalizing tongue. Moans escaped my throat as he darted his tongue in and out of my navel while stroking the wetness between my thighs. When he replaced his hand with that tongue and those lips, I felt explosions erupt inside me.
            Damn, Rich whispered as he pulled back and looked up at me, his face shining with my essence. Thats one, huh?
              Yes. My voice didnt sound like my own. It was as if Id had some orgasmic out of body experience. Despite the fact that I was trying to just go with the feeling of pure pleasure, my pesky conscience started whispering You know this is your problem. My body went limp for a second. This was the truth. But who had time for the truth when Rich was doing everything to cause another explosion this time adding a finger to what his tongue was doing. My left leg shook as if an earthquake was happening there. He sucked my throbbing bud as his finger drew circles inside me. My body was on fire, I couldnt think just feel. And damn it, I felt good. Digging my nails into Richs shoulder, I sang his name like an opera diva. Rich lifted his head and smiled. Thats two?
            Lets say four, I replied breathlessly.
            All right, he whispered, and then reached on the side of the bed for his discarded pants. He pulled his wallet out of his back pocket then grabbed a condom. Now, let me join in.
            It took the condom from his hand before he opened it then rolled him over on his back. I think its my turn to show you what a mouth can do.
            He locked his hands behind his head with a smirk on his handsome face. Show me, baby.
            Starting with his nipples, I traveled down his bodytongue first. As I brought my lips on top of his erection, he gripped the headboard. When I took the length of him deep inside my mouth, he shook and screamed. Up and down. Deeper. Deeper. Up and down. Looking at the look of pleasure and delight on his face turned me on, made me wetter than a sink full of dish water. Rich gripped my hair, trying to pull my mouth away from him but I wouldnt stop. Couldnt let go of the control I had over his pleasure. Over his body.
            He trembled and pleaded for me to stop. And I did, after one slow lick of his length. Goosebumps appeared on his skin as I massaged his balls while rolling the condom in place. As I mounted his erection, Rich grabbed my hips holding me in place as he thrust forward into my wetness. Eww, I moaned.
            Yeah, he groaned. I told you to stop. Another harder and deeper thrust. You dont play fair. Harder thrust.
            Neither do you, I cried, grinding against him and pushing back. He threw his head back as I bounced up and down, my ass slapping against his skin. Rich grabbed my cheeks, spreading them apart and teasing the back door with his index finger. Tensed for a moment. This was something new. Oh my damn! This felt good.
            Oh, you like that? he intoned as I backed into his finger.
            Ye-yes, I said. Explosion. A really big one. Rich thrust harder and deeper and then everything went black.

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