Waiting For The Other Shoe to Drop: Part 21-A

Sonia tapped her cousin on the shoulder. He turned around and this man was stunning, whisky brown eyes, a manicured goatee, smooth brown skin and thick lips that looked ripe for kissing. Our eyes locked briefly before he gave Sonia a big hug. "Thanks for coming out, cuz," he said when he released her. "And who is this?"
"Mimi Collins," I said then extended my hand to him, expecting him shake it. Instead, he kissed it and those lips felt even more amazing than they looked. A quiver passed through my system and Sonia smiled as if she saw something here. David held my hand a beat longer as he gave me a slow once over.
"Mimi Collins, huh? I have never seen you at a family reunion."
"That's because she's not related to us and you haven't been to a reunion in three year," Sonia said.
"True. I have been a little busy." He dropped my hand and leaned in to me. "Glad you're not my cousin."
 Me too, I thought unsure if flirting with the boss's cousin was the best thing to do in her face.
"What can I play for you?" he asked while waving for a server.
"I doubt you have my kind of music in that MacBook."
"You're probably right. I don't see you as a Nicki Minaj type girl anyway."
"Hi David," the server said as she climbed into the DJ booth, Then she chilled Sonia and I with an icy stare. "What do you need?"
"Get the ladies whatever they like and bring me a bottle of water."
She grinned at him. "You've been drinking water all night. Are you sure I can't interest you in anything else?" She flipped her blonde weave. Wanna be Beyoncé ass. Whoa. Why am I being man and I haven't had one drink yet?
"Miss," Sonia said. "Patron, bring the bottle. Silver and chilled glasses."
She looked at Sonia as if she wanted to say something smart, but she nodded.
"And lime slices," I said, though I wouldn't have trusted her not to spit or lick them.
"Anything else?" she asked, her eyes trained on David.
"Nah, we're good."
Sonia laughed. "I see they're still throwing panties at you." She didn't care if she stepped on my toes or the server -- who was with in ear shot when Sonia made her quip.
David rolled his eyes and grabbed the microphone, urging the crowd to tip the lovely waitresses. Fake Beyoncé put a twist in her padded hips and Sonia and I had a good laugh. "Hopefully her shout out will keep the spit out of my Patron."
"So, your cousin is a bit of a player?" I asked, unable to take my eyes off that muscular ass in those jeans. Well fitting, well-worn blue jeans that I wanted to peel off with my lips, teeth and tongue.
Oh boy, this was going to be trouble. 


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