Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop Part 22

  David walked me and Sonia to our cars and waited for his cousin to drive off before he turned to me and whispered, "Don't let Sonia fool you. She wanted us to meet for a reason."
"And what reason would that be?"
"She's an undercover matchmaker. I'm guessing that she wanted me to meet someone who wasn't going to try and get in my pants for a record deal or use me for my connections."
"I just think she thought there wouldn't be anyone to talk to if she didn't bring me. Besides, she told me that you're a horrible jerk and to steer clear of you. No match making here."
David laughed and kissed my hand again. I was trying to remain . . . I don't know what I was trying to do other than keep my clothes on until I got home alone. Totally alone.
"So, what are you doing Sunday morning?" he asked, still holding my hand.
"Watching SportsCenter," I said with my right eyebrow raised.
"Why don't you come with me while I scout talent?"
"Mmm, I'm not a . . . wait, where do you go on Sunday morning to scout for talent?"
"Church, of course."
Most women think that a man inviting you to church is a huge step. And if today hadn't been the first time that I met him, I would've been weak at the knees. "Why do you want to take me to church with you?"
"You believe in God, right?"
"Yes, it is religion that I'm too excited about."
"I get that. But we can go to church and then breakfast is on me."
When I heard the word yes escape my lips, I was more than surprised. He smiled and took my hand then kissed it. "You don't have to wait until Sunday to use that number."
"All right," I said with a sappy smile on my lips. He smiled back and it was as if we were both in high school. "OK, I said after a few beats passed with us standing there looking like grinning fools. "I'd better get going."
"It was really nice meeting you."
Still grinning, I slipped in the car and waved to him.


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