Waiting For The Other Shoe to Drop: Part 20

 When the time came to head to the Music Factory, the last thing I wanted to do had been to go. Yes, I was dressed in a skin tight leather jump suit that hugged my curves and gave me the feeling that Id been a dominatrix in a pass life. Id even put on a pair of ridiculously high heels purple ones. But who was I fooling? My clubbing days were far behind me and Id seen how Charlotte gets down in the night club. Women looking as if theyd just hopped off the pole while being shaped like Spongebob Squarepants and his homeboy Patrick. But those women had men and my ass we still single. Going to a night club was depressing. And too many men collected numbers that they had no intention of using. Who had time for games and bullshit? I had to tell myself that tonight was about work even if I did look as if I shouldve been carrying a whip. Sonia had better recommend me for every promotion in the department, I thought when I pulled into the parking lot of the Music Factory and saw the crowd waiting to see DJ QC. They had to be the under 25 and underdressed set. Despite the fact that it was in the mid-40s, women were dressed in micro miniskirts and open toe sandals. I felt overdressed.
Finally, Sonia said when she spotted me. I thought youd stood me up. You look stunning.
Thank you, I said as I check out her outfit, a pair of skin tight jeans and a V-neck tunic. She looked all of 35 tonight. And you look ready to party.
I am. Come on, I got a VIP arm band for you. She handed me a yellow band and I snapped it on my left wrist. How old is your cousin?
A lot older than this crowd. He just know what they like to hear and how to pander to them.
Sonia shrugged. He has to make his money and Im not mad at him.
I smiled as we made our way inside. The place was packed and the music wasnt that bad. A mix of hip hop and neo soul. I wanted to hit the dance floor myself. As soon as I locked eyes with a guy who I was sure was about to ask me to dance Sonia tapped me on the shoulder. Come on, lets go meet David.
Really, I thought but followed her. After all, the only reason I was here was to be Sonias wing woman. Damn, that dude was cute. Mimis mojo was coming back. I smiled as I moved toward the DJ booth.


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