When the readers become writers

The ladies of Real Readers, Real Words, a Facebook book club, are avid readers. They have no qualms about sharing their love of reading with the world.
The best writers often started out as readers and the ladies of Real Readers, Real Words have made the foray into becoming published authors with the anthology, Red Velvet Romance: The Art of Seduction.
Ten authors tackle lust, seduction and love.

LUST… Mia Geyen, tells a story of stepping out of your comfort zone and into the unknown. Theresa Hodge gives us a glimpse into how far a woman will go to satisfy her cravings. Author T T Dorsett tells what happens when a no strings attached policy becomes something more.

SEDUCTION… Trinity Wise gives us a glimpse into the sexy world of Club Carnal. Amber Nichole tells a story of a childhood love unrequited, manifesting into a passionate encounter. Brenda Stokes Lee shows that a little playtime goes a long way.

LOVE… Reshemah Wright, gives a touching tale of two people who are destined to be more than friends. Tamika Smith weaves a story about a woman willing to do anything to save her marriage. Lillian Wells spins a tale of love lost and love gained. Author SK gives us a look into the life of a couple trying to reconnect.
 The first time authors of the group spoke with me about writing instead of reading for a change.

Amber Nichole:  

1.       What made you ladies decide to write?

 It was like writing chose me. I was in grade school when I first started writing. I had an assignment to write a poem. It came so easily to me. It felt natural. And then after that first poem, I started writing every single day. Gradually it increased from poetry to short stories. I have all of these ideas in my head fighting for center stage. I need to get them out. Writing is my release. 

2.       What has it been like to be published? 

 It has been amazing!! I was so nervous about the release of this book. I'm sure everyone has doubts, especially when it's their first time being published. But, just to see my story in print has been mind boggling. And the feedback that I have received from people has been nothing short of amazing. Being published has given me the confidence to continue the pursuit of my dreams.

3.       Being that you all are avid readers, what did you learn from all of the books that you’ve read that you put into your stories?

 The things I have learned are too many to count. I have learned the art of how to tell a good story. Seeing how these authors put together their work has been so helpful to me. I have learned how to keep the story flowing. How to, hopefully, keep the reader entertained. I look at everything in these books I read. From the person they write in to the kind of language they use. I take in the flow of their dialogue to how they create the chemistry between characters. It's amazing what I have learned from just doing what I love. Reading.

4.       Tell the readers about your stories and what inspired them? 

Well, once we decided on a theme and genre I started thinking about something that I myself would like to read. Something that I found erotic and romantic at the same time. I am a romance head, so the idea of first loves coming together after trials keep them apart, was a perfect storyline for me. Through that Ayden and Zoe were created. Zoe was only 16 while he was 21 and her brother's best friend. So that was two strikes against them right from the start. This story is about going for what you want. Trusting your feelings. And giving in to the power of seduction, lust, and love.

5.       Will any of you write a full length novel? If so, when can readers expect to find it on the shelves or in the e-book stores?

 I am currently working on a full length novel. It is going to be a sequel to the story Rules of Seduction in Red Velvet Romance. I am hoping, (fingers crossed) to have it done by April or May at the latest. 

Reshemah Wright:

1. Actually I've never wanted to write. The group decided to do this project and I thought I would give it a try. I had my fingers crossed that somebody would like it.

2. It feels kind of surreal. To see your name and work in print is pretty cool.

3 . I've learned from many of my favorite books that you have to get the readers attention from the start. When I'm reading I lose interest fast if you don't.

4. My story is about long time friends who have always had a thing for each other but they just needed that push. My story comes from my own experience. 

5. I'm working on a novella right now. I have to take baby steps before I reach a full length novel. (I lose interest quickly) I'm hoping to release my novella in a couple of months.

Trinity Wise:

1.  What inspired me to write initially was the love for reading. I began reading and understanding the power of words at a very young age.  I was an only child for almost 10 years and being able to read and write was my company most times. As I went into adolescence, I felt "bottled up" and needed some sort of outlet...reading and writing served as that outlet.  So, as a way to cope and deal with life in general, no matter what phase I was in, I always resorted to writing as my form of creativity and self-expression.

2.  What has it been like to be published?  Well, I have gone through the anxiousness of waiting for the book to actually come out after all of the fretting over the writing and editing has subsided.  Then, there was anxiety over the reception that a newly published author will received.  It has been a positive experience for me thus far.  There is no better feeling than to have someone tell you that they loved your work and can't wait to read more of it.  It is very humbling, encouraging and exhilarating.

3.  From everything that I have read, I have learned to speak in my own unique voice.  No one tells a story the same way, no one can communicate your ideas like you.  Treasure that uniqueness.  
I have learned to "write the way that I love to read". Write what comes naturally and write the way that you find the most interesting.  You have good tastes, a penchant for writing and good instincts.  Have faith in them.
I love characters who have meaningful interaction and evoke some sort of memorable feeling and I really try to recreate that in my writing.  
I love a good plot twist, too. Who doesn't enjoy those moments that they can't see coming?

4.  "Valentine's Night" is essentially about a man, Carlos, who does not want to entertain any of the women that he is currently seeing on Valentine's Day, so he decides to go to a strip club.  While at the strip club, he becomes intrigued by a dancer--unbeknownst to him, they have a past connection .  A few unforeseen interactions and altercations occur and the two wind up leaving quite the impression on one another.  

This story was really inspired by the theme of the anthology, Valentine's Day.  The strip club and its employees are from another novel-in-progress that I have been working on.  For those who will keep up with the writings, names will reappear and connections will be made.

5.  I do intend to complete an entire novel based with Carlos and Aria, the main characters in "Valentine's Night".  
I am expecting it to be available on May 1, 2013 in e-book format but I am looking into making hard-copies as well. 
If dates change, I will be sure to keep you updated.
Mia Geyen:

1.My children had always seen me reading and suggested I write a story myself.

2. It has been great learning what it takes to be published. It is not as easy as it would appear.

3. I learned that you needed to have a story that connects with the reader.

4. My story was about a woman that wanted to please her man and she did.

5. I am presently working on one. It will be out in the near future.

 Theresa Hodge:

1. I have always written poetry ever since I was a child. As I grew older into adulthood I stopped. It wasn't until 2010 when Brenda Hampton gave some of us readers, a chance to tell our story in a book called "If Only For One Night", then the writing bug hit me -- again.

2. I was excited and very grateful to see my work published. Even though the stories are short, I am still happy of my accomplishments and very thankful to the most high.

3. I've learned that authors and writers have a gift. It is not a gift to be taken for granted. I admire the many authors, like yourself, to put out book after book. I know it takes diligence and focus as well as having a God given talent. I hope to gain that focus and diligence because honestly, I haven't mastered that yet.

4. Before my sister died from breast cancer in 2006; she said that she wanted me to start writing again. She said to me, "Resa one day you will write a book". I looked at her and laughed. She saw something in me that I didn't see in myself. I write for my big sis Denise, because she believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. All of my stories are about love and romance. In If Only For One Night my story is titled "One Night's Pleasure". In Red Velvet Romance Art of Seduction, my story title is "Champagne and Chocolates" which has a link to the ending of my story "Champagne and Chocolate Kisses. On 03.13.13 my story "A Dream Affair" will be in Savor The Longest Night Anthology, edited by Shani Greene-Dowdell.

5. I aspire to write full length novels. Hopefully before years end, I will get at least one done.


Suebhoney said…
Great interview and great stories. I look forward to reading more from these ladies

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