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Thursday, February 14, 2013

What my heroes gave their women for Valentine's Day

Maurice gave Kenya a 2013 Ford Mustang, a blue and white convertible. And
 tickets to Paris this spring.

Cleveland didn't buy Freddie anything. Why? She's not a Valentine's Day type of lady. However, for Valentine's night, they shared shrimp po boys by candlelight.

James greeted Jade with a bag of icing from his mother's bakery. They haven't been heard from since breakfast.

Nathan and Caprice spent the day at the shooting range. He purchased his wife a black leather bustier and a pair of thigh high leather boots.

 Solomon bought Kandace an office building in Atlanta.
 Antonio bought Serena a dozen red roses and a pair of flats. She loved the roses--looked for a receipt for the shoes. To her surprise, there were a pair of five inch red pumps waiting for her in the bedroom. Tonight, she's wearing those shoes and nothing else.
 Raymond gave Imani a chocolate Oscar.
 Devon baked his famous lover's cake and fed it to Marie on the balcony of their Paris chateau.
 Darren didn't know what to get the woman who has everything for Valentine's Day, so he pampered his wife, Jill, with breakfast in bed, lunch in bed and dinner in bed.
 Jason held a private concert for Ingrid, he even stripped for her before leading her to a rose petal covered bed.
 Malik sent Shari a dozen roses every hour on the on hour from seven a.m. to seven p.m. When she arrived home he was waiting for her with a rose between his teeth and nothing else on.
Chris whisked Dana away from the bakery and took her to New Orleans for the weekend. Laisse le bon temps rouler!
 Darius took Celina to the lake that inspired her most famous painting for a quiet picnic.
Calvin gave Paige a speeding ticket and told her that he takes bribes. She was last seen taking her clothes off in the bedroom to work her way out of the ticket.

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