Charles Ramsey, hero 'nuff said. . .

I will admit it, I laughed at Sweet Brown. When someone said they had bronchitis, for a long time I immediately thought, "Ain't nobody got time fo' dat."
I favorited the auto tune version of her news interview and showed it to my mama several times. Sweet Brown had removed Antonie Dodson from my heart and YouTube playlist.

Just like everything in our culture, people are always looking for the next. . .Let me say this, Charles Ramsey is NOT the next Sweet Brown. He's a hero. End. Of. Discussion.

Stop with the auto tune of his interviews. Stop with the Facebook Memes about how he looks like Eddie Murphy characters or Sho-Nuff from the Last Dragon. He. Is. A. Hero. Ramsey had the nerve to do what a lot of use won't do. He didn't turn a blind eye to someone else's pain. He didn't ignore something that didn't feel right to him.
How many of us can say that we would do the same?

What did the media do after making Ramsey a "star?"
Break him down.

Ramsey was irresistible, especially when he delivered lines like the now infamous: "Bro, I knew that something was wrong when a pretty little white girl ran into a black man's arms. Something is wrong here. Dead giveaway."
As Ramsey's Internet profile peaked, the Internet did what it does best: It tore down the star it created less than two days earlier.
On Wednesday afternoon, The Smoking Gun website posted Ramsey's rap sheet, which includes three convictions for domestic violence.
South Carolina just reelected a lying, cheating man who had the gall to compare himself to  Lazarus — but we're talking about something a man did in his distant past? OK. Some times, I really hate everything. And this Charles Ramsey saga is making me lose my faith in humanity. 
Charles Ramsey is a hero. The auto tuners are assholes. The end. 


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