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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It's finally here: the official release day of Forces of Nature

 Ten years ago, I was waiting like a kid at Christmas for the release of my first romance novel, Revelations. Finally, my book was going to be on the shelves of bookstores and people would get to read a story that kept me awake at night, that kept me from hanging out with my friends and family while I wrote it.

Back then, there were a lot of book stores around. Borders on every corner, Books A Million was the new hot spot and Waldenbooks was my favorite place to go in the mall.
 Fast forward 10 years and I have that same feeling today as Forces of Nature hits the shelves today. I still get in the car and drive around my city to look for my book on shelves. Seeing my book beside some of my favorite authors, like Brenda Jackson, Victoria Christopher Murray and Donna Hill sends a wave of excitement through my body. I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming.

Then I pull out my handy dandy Sharpie --pink of course -- and sign the books. Today, I'm carrying autographed copy stickers in my oversized purse. And yes, I'm sticking them on every book I sign. :)

So, now the real fun begins-- getting to hear what the readers think of my baby. Forces of Nature was a true labor of love. I started writing this book about four years ago. Douglas and Crystal hold a really special place in my heart. Truly fire and ice. Here's hoping that you enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed telling it.

And join me and my sisters from HOT MAMA Land on May 18 as we celebrate the release of Forces of Nature.

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