This is why I don't loan books anymore

I was introduced to Walter Mosley when my obsession favorite actor Denzel Washington played Easy in Devil In A Blue Dress.
Then I had to go out and find everything that Walter Mosley ever wrote. I love to share my love of reading with people and once upon a time, I thought that meant sharing my books.
When my dad retired and needed something to do ( before his foray into politics), I handed off my collection of Easy Rawlins novels.

I don't mind loaning my Daddy anything. He's my father, he gave me life. So, after giving my Dad my collection of novels, I bought another set. Reread them and everything. This time, I also got Gone Fishin'. This is the book that tells Mouse and Easy's back story. Classic!

This is where the lesson begins. There was this guy, we'll call him Monsieur le visage de merde. We watched Devil In A Blue Dress one night and as we talked about Easy and Mouse and their years in Texas, I said, "You know there's a book about that."
"Yes, and I have it. Do you want to read it?"
Of course he did. And my silly behind loaned it to him. Then Monsieur le visage de merde and I broke up. Gone Fishin was lost to me forever. 
 I was fine with that because I learned a lesson, never loan les visage de merde books that you love or want back. However if never having to see  Monsieur le visage de merde again means I lost my book, then I will go to Amazon and order another copy. 


Jennifer said…
I don't loan out books either. Years ago I loaned my aunt Devil in a Blue Dress because she likes to read, so I thought my book would be safe, not. When she returned it to me, the cover was dog-eared and so were some of the pages. I've never loaned out a book since.

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