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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Coffee on the Roof: I love it!

Harris Teeter reopened on Central Avenue today. It's pretty. I'm sure the grocery selection is amazing. I went for ONE thing.

Starbucks. Starbucks with roof top seating. It was everything that I thought it would be. And one thing I didn't count on -- it was hot up there. And sitting directly in the glow of the sun didn't help. I realized today, even though I was Supergirl for Halloween, I'm a mere mortal who should've had an iced coffee rather than that grande HOT dark roast.

Sunlight gives her power, but its my Kryptonite

The view from above
The pros: The upstairs of the Starbucks/Harris Teeter is beautiful. From the winding staircase, to the sofas on the inside facing the wide windows, it is lovely. And then there is the free wifi-- a writer's best friend other than coffee is wifi.
The outdoor tables are wide and great for your laptop, iPad or even your lunch. I guess some people will come up there to eat, drink and look at the skyline. Charlotte has a nice sky line and when it isn't humid and hazy, it is pretty to gaze upon. (That was purple prose. Sorry.)

The Cons: Children and you really can't complain about them. When I go to a standalone Starbucks, I'm always annoyed  amazed by parents who bring babies to Starbucks. What can a baby -- an arm baby -- get from Starbucks? But this Starbucks is attached to a grocery store, so you can't get mad at the parents who bring their screaming, lovely brats kids up on the roof. And I'm sure tossing them over the side would be frowned upon as well. I. kid. I. kid.
There are not electrical outlets on the roof. This wouldn't be a problem if I'd charged my computer last night. But hey, things happen.

Overall: This has got to be the best writing spot in the city of Charlotte and there is a library across the street! Awesome. Sauce.

On another note: I think everyone who lives in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood to the day off to go to Harris Teeter today. I even saw a former politician on the rooftop today.

I have this hidden fantasy to slow dance with the "soul mate" on a roof top while Miles Davis's All Blues  plays in the background.

If I don't, you can bet one of my characters will!

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Tia said...

I don't understand the Starbucks/Baby movement either. Starbucks is where writers write, college students study, business people make shift office and friends catch up over lattes... it is not the best atmosphere for Mommy & Me time.