First look at Caprice and Nathan: Dangerously in Love (or something like that)

I'm looking for the right title for the Cautious Heart update.

Here's what it is about:

Caprice Johnson Wallace has stumbled on the biggest case of her career. But hiding her pregnancy from her husband to solve this mystery could cost her more than her marriage, she could lose her life.
Nathan Wallace knows how important being a police officer has always been to his wife, but he wants a family and this baby. So, it makes sense that he wants his wife to give up her position in the vice/narcotics unit. But when he starts getting threats against his life, Nathan has to keep his wife safe at all costs -- even if it means lying to her.

It was about six a.m. when Caprice walked into her house, her body yearned for bed, but she wanted to kiss her husband first. The sound of the shower alerted her that Nathan was up ready to start his day. She probably had two hours before she had to return to the department.
            “Nathan, is there enough hot water for me?” she called out as she walked into the bathroom.
            “There is always enough for you,” he said through the smoked glass shower door. Caprice stripped out of her clothes quickly and stepped in the shower behind her man. Nathan’s chocolate skin glistened like freshly carved ebony wood. Caprice took the bar of soap from his hand and rubbed it across his broad shoulders. The spicy citrus scent of the soap filled the shower as Caprice moved down his muscular arms, across his ripped abs and down to his waist. His desire grew when she stroked his throbbing erection. Nathan pushed her back against the wall and the steamy spray rinse the soap from his body as he slipped his hand between her powerful thighs. He opened the petals of her pussy, his fingers dancing against her clit as she moaned in pleasure. Dropping to his knees, Nathan planted his face between her legs, licking and sucking her until she screamed out in bliss. She was sweet, tangy and delicious. Caprice gripped is shoulders, her fingers digging into his skin as she gave in to the orgasm attacking her senses. “Umm,” she cried tossing her head back as Nathan’s tongue lashed her most sensitive spot.
            Gripping her hips, he pulled her closer. Damn, she tasted good. Sweet. He yearned for her juices. Needed to celebrate her being alive. Needed to savor her being back in his arms.
            Nathan blew against her clit, making her shiver and moan. “Oh, baby,” she cried as she stroked his head while he licked. Her knees went weak as she came again. Nathan kept her upright, gave her his strength as passion weakened her. He pressed his lips against hers, kissing her mouth with a slow and deliberate passion that made Caprice moan. He squeezed her bottom while pulling her closer so that he could he could press into her valley of pleasure. She felt so good. So wet.
            Caprice held her husband’s neck as he thrust into her. He made her feel so good, made her feel so good. She almost forgot that she was supposed to be telling him the truth. She was carrying his child.
            They were going to be parents.
            She was about to come.
            She was about to be involved in the biggest case of her whole career.
            He was about to make her explode. Make her feel alive.
            This was their dance after big cases. Making love as if the world didn’t matter. The water cooled as he spilled his seed inside her. Alive. A life. They’d already created a life, now she had to tell him.
            Caprice sighed. She was satisfied. She was scared. Nathan looked into her eyes.
            “Rough night?”


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