Jon B still got it. .

Jon B is not washed up. Robin Thicke didn't eat him and steal his career. More importantly, Jon B is not afraid to tell y'all that he was always R&B and didn't start off as a pop singer and then cross over in his "suit and tie." Well, he didn't say the suit and tie part, but that's what he meant.

While he performed at Speed Street in Charlotte, Jon B kept telling us all that he's been in the game for 20 years. Remember is first album Bonafide? He was 18 when he and Babyface sang about Someone To Love. Sadly, the majority of the crowd obviously didn't buy that amazing first album. How can you not love Pretty Girl?

But I think I have figured out why Charlotte doesn't get good music shows. As a music town, we suck. We're horrible. We let radio tell us what's hot and believe that BS. When Jon B sang Hall and Oates I Can't Go For That, 85 to 90 percent of the crowd either didn't know the song or didn't like it. But what can you expect from a city where the cops arrest a kid for eating Pop Tarts?

 Check out Jon B's new album: B-Sides Collection


ThatCrazy8 said…
He was 18 then!!!? Wow. Love me some Jon B. Matter fact let me go and grab his CDs out of my stash
~Meik said…
The folks around me were asking WTF is he singing and who is he?! maybe I'm old..but I was grooving to every thing he was singing..even his new stuff. I love him.

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